Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Office

I started this blog to give my customers an inside look at
Shop OneLove.  So I figured what better way to give an inside look than showing you where I work. It's not anything fancy but it's where all the magic happens!!!!

This is where I do all of my painting and finishing touches on my items.  I built the dresser behind my table and that's where I store all of my paints and other tools.  

Like I said it's not anything fancy but it helps get the job done.  Now I'm back off to work and filling orders.  Stay tuned because my next post I'll show y'all where I do all of the outside wood work.  

Friday, August 29, 2014

Shelter is good!!!

As most of you may know I prefer to use reclaimed wood in my work.  I love taking something old and what most people consider useless and turn it in to something that people can treasure and use for years to come.  Well the thing about collecting old wood is trying to find a place to store it.  Sure some of its old wood and already weathered but I like to preserve it and keep it the way I found it.  I keep as much as I can in my shed but I was running out of space so........

    TaDa!!!!!!!  I now have a lean-to to help protect my wood from the rain.  Which is a good thing considering I just got a new load of wood. 

  Stay tuned and I'll be sure to post some pictures of the new things to come.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

How my shop got its name

Welcome to my first blog post!  I wanted to start a blog for my customers to give them a inside look at my Etsy store ShopOneLove and everything that goes into it.

First thing I want to blog about is the name of my shop.  Yes, I love Bob Marley but no, my shop isn't named after his song 'One Love'.  

It all came about when my mom suffered a major heart attack which they call a 'Widow Maker'. Thankfully, it happened while she was at work and she was able to get to the hospital in time.   After the scare of almost losing my mother who is also my best friend I felt inclined to get a tattoo.  I wanted a tattoo that every time I looked at it I would think about how grateful I am to have her in my life still. With the help of a tattoo artist I sat down and created the tattoo I have now.  It's a ambigram which means it can be read both ways and say the same thing.  When I decided to start my Etsy shop I chose to call it Shop OneLove because I love what I do and what I create and in return I want my customers to love each piece too.  

Here is a picture of what my tattoo looks like...

If you turn your head to the right you can read OneLove and the same if you turn your head to the left.  

So I guess my whole point of this first post is to help my customers understand that each piece I make is made with 100% LOVE and I want them to love it too.  

Thanks for reading my first post and don't forget to checkout my shop